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94d3e32a 08/25/2015 05:42 PM Patrick Plitzner

Move property tester to editor plugin

6950e783 08/18/2015 02:45 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop

69373790 08/18/2015 01:40 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

changes for move descriptions and description elements

926fd5b3 08/18/2015 07:51 AM Patrick Plitzner

Remove comments

7f0642d4 08/17/2015 02:56 PM Patrick Plitzner

Rename Derivative View to Derivative Editor

1924310e 08/13/2015 02:09 PM Katja Luther

fix jenkins

651bf830 08/13/2015 01:29 PM U-BGBM\k.luther


1dc79a5e 08/13/2015 01:20 PM Katja Luther

fix delete polytomouskeynode and improve merge in bulk editor

1a4acf08 07/20/2015 11:50 AM Cherian Mathew

Add unimplemented methods to transient service

67de2353 07/17/2015 06:11 PM Cherian Mathew

Update transient service to be compatible with cdmlib service

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