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ref #8385: smaller label issues

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AbcdImportPreference_create_new_classification_new_taxa=Create new classification for new taxa
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AbcdImportPreference_create_new_classification_new_taxa_tooltip=For taxa not existing in the database a new classification will be created
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AbcdImportPreference_description=Configure the default settings for the ABCD Import
AbcdImportPreference_ignore_author=Ignore Authorship for name matching
AbcdImportPreference_ignore_author=Ignore authorship for name matching
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AbcdImportPreference_ignore_author_tooltip=Name matching with existing names will be done without the authorship part of the name
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AbcdImportPreference_import_all_children_for_cultures_or_tissues=Import all children of cultures or tissue samples
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AbcdImportPreference_import_all_children_for_cultures_or_tissues_tooltip=For a tissue sample or culture all children will be searched and imported

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