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ref #7849: add message to term selection wizard that no selection -> all terms available, smaller adapation in areaselection dialogs

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AbcdImportPreference_allow_override_tooltip=It is allowed to change this preference locally.
364 364

365 365
AbcdImportProvider_description=Configure the default list of biocase provider for the specimen search
AvailableAreaVocabulariesPage_PAGE_DESCRIPTION=In order to see or modify the %s of taxa,\nyou have to select the vocabularies to select the available areas from.
AvailableAreaVocabulariesPage_PAGE_DESCRIPTION=Select vocabularies to select the available areas from.
367 367
AvailableAreaVocabulariesPage_PAGE_TITLE=Select Vocabularies for %s
368 368
AvailableDistributionPage_CHECK_MESSAGE=Please check at least one item
369 369
AvailableDistributionPage_PAGE_DESCRIPTION=In order to see and modify distribution status of taxa\nyou have to select the areas which you like to see/modify.
370 370
AvailableDistributionPage_PAGE_TITLE=Select areas for Distribution Editor
AvailableDistributionStatusPage_PAGE_DESCRIPTION=To modify the distribution status for taxa in a given area\nyou may preselect the available status list.
AvailableDistributionStatusPage_PAGE_DESCRIPTION=Choose available status in distribution editor.\nIf no status is selected all status are available.
372 372
AvailableDistributionStatusPage_PAGE_TITLE=Select Distribution Status
373 373
AvailableDistributionStatusWizard_PAGE_TITLE=Available Distribution Status
374 374
AvailableDistributionStatusWizard_WINDOW_TITLE=Distribution Status Selection

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