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Revision 83a1a479

Added by Cherian Mathew almost 9 years ago

TaxonNavigator : added refresh of navigator on data change
TaxonNavigatorLabels : new interface with label strings used by taxon navigator handlers
RemotingChangeAcceptedTaxonToSynonymHandler : using TaxonNavigatorLabels
RemotingMoveFactualDataHandler : remoting version of move factual data handler
RemotingMoveFactualDataOperation : remoting version of move factual data operation
RemotingMoveTaxonHandler : remoting version of move taxon handler
RemotingMoveTaxonOperation : remoting version of move taxon operation
RemotingChangeAcceptedTaxonToSynonymOperation : replaced constructor input cdm entities to their uuids
RemotingCdmHandler : updated to handle other status severities and to handle warning status in post operation
RemotingCdmUpdateOperation : updated for warning status
TaxonNavigatorTest : added move taxon and move factual data tests

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