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6abed072 01/05/2023 09:28 AM Katja Luther

ref #10182: disable details view after editing name in name editor

87734bf5 01/05/2023 01:13 AM Andreas Müller

ref #10214 rename CdmCacheBase to CdmPermanentCacheBase in TaxEditor

0a954e76 12/27/2022 07:20 PM Andreas Müller

adapt taxeditor to changes in CdmRemoteCacheManager

fef39755 12/21/2022 02:27 PM Katja Luther

ref #10138: handle selection of empty media or factual data view

14473bb6 12/21/2022 11:43 AM Andreas Müller

cleanup and renaming for caching

ec4e915f 12/20/2022 03:23 PM Andreas Müller

ref #10186 fix incorrect isInDelay handling in SelectionDelay

e5c1cf57 12/16/2022 04:21 PM Katja Luther

more information and better about specimen in gbif search view

76d3226c 12/16/2022 04:19 PM Katja Luther

ref #10138: after parsing send event to update the details view

60cfeb3d 12/01/2022 12:21 PM Andreas Müller

remove unused initialize method to make it compile

e1dddccc 12/01/2022 11:58 AM Andreas Müller


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