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60fa760b 05/17/2021 12:40 PM Katja Luther

ref #9587: adapt editor handling for shared taxa

8e5f7864 05/17/2021 12:31 PM Katja Luther

ref #9611: move use shared taxa to the general flags

3edeea19 05/14/2021 08:18 PM Andreas Müller


e6f1e6f4 05/14/2021 08:16 PM Andreas Müller

remove colon after SetxxxForSubtree task names

a80e388e 05/14/2021 08:15 PM Andreas Müller

adapt ConceptContainerE4 to TaxonRelationshipFormatter factory method

f35fc088 05/12/2021 10:27 PM Andreas Müller


86f920de 05/12/2021 12:32 PM Katja Luther

ref #9611: adapt handler to changes in method signatur

5fdf87f0 05/12/2021 12:09 PM Katja Luther

ref #9611: adapt taxeditor to changes in configurator

d43e5395 05/12/2021 08:37 AM Katja Luther

ref #8471: adapt label provider to show icon for computed descriptions and gray font

84f29819 05/11/2021 11:34 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9590 use boolean parameter newUuidForAcceptedTaxon instead of 2 different public methods (taxeditor)

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