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56dde679 06/14/2018 07:57 AM Andreas Müller


1884064f 06/13/2018 03:12 PM Katja Luther


8880b9b3 06/13/2018 03:05 PM Katja Luther

revert regression

c2ce61f1 06/13/2018 03:01 PM Patrick Plitzner

Close name editor for moved taxon nodes

0efab289 06/13/2018 02:44 PM Katja Luther

fix #7422: if nomenclatural status has no type, don't change selected type in details view

13d6411b 06/13/2018 02:31 PM Katja Luther

show authorship cache as title of authorship details section

35b7d4f5 06/13/2018 02:26 PM Patrick Plitzner

Only add description element with protologue feature to section

f36d2451 06/13/2018 02:21 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7040 Speed up rendering of details view

  • avoid redundant reflowing of composite when editing
26cc98f0 06/13/2018 12:57 PM Katja Luther

fix #7472: fix lazy loading exceptions for MAN with type specimen

a9bea304 06/13/2018 10:05 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7010 Adapt datasource handlers for multiple selection

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