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5235e093 06/07/2018 03:02 PM Andreas Müller


1f866363 06/07/2018 10:20 AM Katja Luther

fix problem for names with type designation in editor details view

e7dfec09 06/07/2018 09:38 AM Katja Luther

adapt english command label for changing to pro parte synonyms

160717a9 06/07/2018 07:54 AM Andreas Müller

ref #3560 fix test in TaxEditor for findMatchingXXX

4ffaaf10 06/06/2018 03:03 PM Katja Luther

avoid NPE in getLastSelectedReferences

55563baa 06/06/2018 02:56 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7010 Enable multi selection in uses view

4b61c8bc 06/06/2018 02:54 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix protected title cache when creating a new Person

09831abe 06/06/2018 12:55 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7010 Adapt uses view handlers for multiple selection

017f41a2 06/06/2018 12:49 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7010 Adapt media view handlers for multiple selection

e013914f 06/06/2018 12:18 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7010 Fix enabling of move description handler

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