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3b957453 04/29/2016 08:40 PM Ben Stöver

Test case for SequenceIDIterator added.

b4979250 04/29/2016 08:23 PM Ben Stöver

Context menu entry for exporting alignment files added.
ExportSingleReadAlignmentHandler renamed to ExportSequenceToFileHandler.

76e5c721 04/29/2016 08:09 PM Ben Stöver

Exported packages of molecular plugin updated.
Basic export functionality for direct export of consensus sequence alignments implemented (untested).

6b35e189 04/29/2016 07:02 PM Ben Stöver

Exports of plugin molecular.lib updated.
Minor changes.

b64debfc 04/28/2016 11:25 AM Patrick Plitzner

Merge trunk into branch

43d3e0c8 04/28/2016 10:37 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix dependencies and model update

2ef4f2a4 04/28/2016 10:07 AM Ben Stöver

Move command added to POM of molecular.lib plugin.
Minor changes.

1ba5d960 04/27/2016 11:59 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix enabling/disabling of referencing obejcts table #5603

0d472556 04/27/2016 11:38 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix dependencies and model update

de663d24 04/27/2016 11:14 AM Patrick Plitzner

i18n for derivate view context menu #5406

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