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343457b6 12/03/2013 03:44 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • extracted super class from AbstractPostOperation (same name)
    • created sub class AbstractPost Taxon/Describable Operation
7a0547ca 12/03/2013 03:04 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • enabled DescriptiveView (Factual Data) to show descriptions of SpecimenOrObservationBase
f0e3bd82 11/27/2013 01:08 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • unified DerivateLabelProvider
fb649daa 11/27/2013 09:02 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added functionality to context menu for derivate creation
    • fixed a bug where two FieldUnits were created instead of only on
    • added javadoc
c8c645a2 11/26/2013 02:54 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • added "isDirty" functionality to DerivateView to allow saving of edited derivates
f6b03570 11/26/2013 11:53 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • fixed selection of DerivateSearch result table
    • double-click now opens DerivateView
b2f76600 11/26/2013 09:29 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • linked DerivateSearch with DerivateView via double-click (selection does not yet work)
7d0ff89c 11/26/2013 08:59 AM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

e9116e90 11/25/2013 03:43 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • added DerivateSearchView
6e73cd53 11/20/2013 10:42 AM Katja Luther

add real deletion of polytomouskeynodes

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