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322ef8d6 05/02/2018 08:07 AM Patrick Plitzner

Add "copy" and "Open in" to name editor

dfda2566 05/02/2018 07:36 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix "Open in specimen editor" for taxon nodes in ref obj view

776aad03 05/02/2018 07:21 AM Patrick Plitzner

Adjust Term Editor menu

5778c154 05/02/2018 07:16 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix order of "New" menu

ac7ed4b3 05/02/2018 06:52 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7329 Fix label of bulk editor part

4b40511b 04/30/2018 04:05 PM Andreas Müller

ref #4256 minor change for default pwd information

c2e12c2b 04/30/2018 03:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6806 Implement operation framework for feature tree editor

74f1490e 04/30/2018 11:49 AM Katja Luther

fix #7183: after creating new object in bulk editor select it in editor

125a3c1d 04/30/2018 10:17 AM Katja Luther

adapt Setsecundum handler and RefreshHandler to TaxonNodeDto

18820146 04/27/2018 11:52 PM Andreas Müller


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