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2c520578 02/05/2020 04:49 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8812 replacing deprecated usage of apache HttpClient by new classes

e2bff0b1 02/05/2020 12:03 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8842 claning up - removing obsolete classes and renaming

1c21abc1 02/05/2020 12:02 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8842 replacing caching in CdmServiceRequestExecutor by CachingHttpInvokerProxyFactoryBean to avoid having states

7a05f578 02/04/2020 04:34 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8812 proper exception handling in RequestExecutor for more meaningful error messages

9aae99e8 02/04/2020 11:10 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8841 cleaning up application context config - step 1

6e1d1796 01/17/2020 09:21 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #8706 error messages with remonte request time stamps

2456bd7d 11/05/2019 04:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #8652 cleaning code related to system property and better error reporting

9a17a3b1 10/17/2019 12:46 PM Katja Luther

adapt tax editor to changes in longrunning task service

11c97eb8 09/04/2019 06:18 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

logging feedback on connecting local dev cdm instance

ca8b3fe8 09/04/2019 05:56 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8505 inverting incorrect null check

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