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25c29b34 09/15/2022 11:17 AM Katja Luther

ref #6228: remove empty entry in language combo in translation wizard

87718ff3 09/15/2022 11:09 AM Katja Luther

reactivate open new window for every search

e1b9a0ec 09/15/2022 10:34 AM Katja Luther

ref #10108:the description changes should be in SpecimenMediaElement not in MediaMetaElement

f797776c 09/14/2022 10:49 AM Katja Luther

ref #10107: show translation buttons not for empty multilanguage text, if no multilanguage is selected

1ce1c3b7 09/13/2022 10:09 PM Andreas Müller

add logger

1ac58a9c 09/13/2022 01:50 PM Katja Luther

ref #6228: language drop down should not allow empty selection

bcdd6336 09/13/2022 01:35 PM Katja Luther

ref #10108: description is shown only if exist and fix multilangue with missing default language entry

cb954fb3 09/13/2022 12:03 PM Katja Luther

fix default language if no preference is set

71bf8219 09/13/2022 10:01 AM Katja Luther

avoid concurrentModificationExceptions

4baedbfd 09/12/2022 03:36 PM Katja Luther

ref #10080: avoid multiple call of setEntity()

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