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Added by Katja Luther about 3 years ago

ref #8058: add common name language preference - continue

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15 15
LanguageEditorPreferencePage_RestartRequired=After changing the default language, a restart is required,\nin order for the new settings to take effect.
16 16
LanguageMenuPreferences_configure=Choose available languages
17 17
LanguageMenuPreferences_warning=\ - Warning: no description - not shown in menus
CommonNameLanguageMenuPreferences_configure=Choose available languages for common names
18 19
LanguageRepresentationPreferencePage_global=Choose the global language that will be used throughout the editor to get representations in
19 20
LanguageRepresentationPreferencePage_enable=Enable Multiple Language Editing Capability
20 21
ListComponent_ADD_PROVIDER=Add Provider

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