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18820146 04/27/2018 11:52 PM Andreas Müller


a3fdfdf4 03/09/2018 03:42 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6158 avoid URL redirects

4aacd491 04/20/2015 11:05 AM Alexander Oppermann

Emphasized the standard credentials for the taxonomic editor

49a64920 07/10/2013 03:38 PM Cherian Mathew

Aligning Editor with 3.3 model changes. First phase commit which updates only the classes.
Branch not compilable at the moment.

a3dad48b 02/29/2012 05:38 PM Niels Hoffmann

added name parser documentation to help content

34a979b1 02/28/2012 04:55 PM Niels Hoffmann

Made file extensions lower case. Was the reason that images did not show in the released version of the help plugin

27a0193e 01/23/2012 11:34 AM Lorna Morris

fixed typos

d4c5459b 01/20/2012 01:16 PM Lorna Morris

corrected typo

66966475 01/18/2012 05:55 PM Lorna Morris

chnaged image to table

9e1ffff2 01/18/2012 05:49 PM Lorna Morris

removed links to absent images

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