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16a514f4 08/15/2018 03:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7518 Reduce size of index column

544dc46c 08/15/2018 01:51 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix exception label for URI text elements

23daf51d 08/15/2018 10:03 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix releases link

66e51de3 08/14/2018 09:22 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6321 Load asynchronously loaded entities into main session

88ef5f8b 08/14/2018 09:22 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6321 Wait for previous search to finish

970a5512 08/14/2018 09:22 PM Patrick Plitzner

Change label of feature tree widget for descriptive date set editor

a433aeeb 08/14/2018 09:22 PM Patrick Plitzner

Allow either categorical xor quantitative data for characters

012d4a65 08/14/2018 04:00 PM Patrick Plitzner

Revert "ref #6321 Wait for canceled search to finish before starting new search"

This reverts commit 36ee2736a960471161a354379845f770027286c4.

696940b9 08/14/2018 03:04 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix broken releases link

b1f5279e 08/14/2018 03:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

Update developers information

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