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Revision 1028d180

Added by Katja Luther about 6 years ago

better message if taxonnode does not exist anymore

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135 135
TaxonEditorInput_NEW_TAXON=New taxon
136 136
TaxonEditorInput_NO_ACCEPTED_TAXON_PRESENT=Trying to open accepted taxon for a synonym or misapplication but no accepted taxa are present. This should not have happened.
137 137
TaxonEditorInput_NOT_IMPLEMENTED=Not yet implemented
TaxonEditorInput_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_MESSAGE=Selected element is not type TaxonBase.
TaxonEditorInput_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_MESSAGE=Selected Taxonnode does not exist, probably it is deleted or moved.
139 139
TaxonEditorInput_OPEN_MISSAPPLIED_NAME=trying to open Mispplied Name 
140 140
TaxonEditorInput_TAXON_NOT_IN_CLASSIFICATION=The accepted taxon is not part of any classification. Editing with the name editor is currently not implemented. Try to edit the taxon with the bulk editor.
141 141
TaxonEditorInputFactory_COULD_NOT_CREATE=Could not create element

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