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0a6f630c 02/18/2016 11:10 AM Katja Luther

fix #5574

5c823b08 02/17/2016 06:07 PM Patrick Plitzner

Remove CdmViewerChooser from double-click functionality of taxon

ad56b4cd 02/17/2016 06:06 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix type check in CdmViewerChooser

8f3ee558 02/17/2016 09:49 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix handler for opening derivative editor from taxon navigator

7356c3e5 02/16/2016 04:49 PM pplitzner

Add newer itextpdf dependency to avoid conflict with itextpdf 5.0.2 from
identificationAPI 1.0

1deeb139 02/16/2016 04:49 PM pplitzner

Fix build properties and classpath

2bdb6462 02/16/2016 04:49 PM pplitzner

Made molecular plugin optional

f3447352 02/16/2016 04:21 PM Patrick Plitzner

Set hasMoreMembers flag correctly

eed59bfd 02/16/2016 03:14 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add menu option to open specimens from navigator

fd4fff8b 02/16/2016 03:14 PM Patrick Plitzner

Extend factual data view context menu with option to open specimen directly in DerivativeEditor

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