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07d81268 12/20/2017 01:34 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6925 Make model fragment IDs unique

1baab1be 12/20/2017 01:01 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix potential NPE

d7a6157d 12/20/2017 10:25 AM Katja Luther

load taxonnode within editor session and bind editor session when opening taxon from search result

4afd70fc 12/19/2017 03:42 PM Katja Luther

ref #7119: with empty selection the filter dialog could not be closed

f48bafae 12/19/2017 03:16 PM Katja Luther

ref #7119: filter dialog should not remember selection when clicking cancel

1b9a4266 12/19/2017 02:36 PM Katja Luther


3698034e 12/19/2017 02:23 PM Katja Luther

smaller changes

33a160be 12/19/2017 01:47 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix possible NPE

24fc3c78 12/19/2017 01:03 PM Katja Luther


ba10d901 12/19/2017 01:00 PM Katja Luther

close conversation in taxonnavigator in dispose

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