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15c5de38 01/05/2021 09:49 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9114 adapt some classes with URI to wrapper in taxeditor (cont.)

00b46185 01/05/2021 09:49 PM Andreas Müller


38556872 01/05/2021 09:27 PM Andreas Müller


f5a55599 01/05/2021 09:26 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9114 adapt some classes with URI to wrapper in taxeditor (cont.)

96378f2b 01/05/2021 09:02 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9114 adapt some classes with URI to wrapper in taxeditor (cont.)

c7a6e70f 01/05/2021 08:34 PM Andreas Müller


bf3cb991 01/05/2021 08:34 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9114 adapt some classes with URI to wrapper in taxeditor

6bbe08fd 08/19/2020 06:05 PM Katja Luther

ref #9065: fix loading of image

35bb83fe 08/19/2020 01:36 PM Katja Luther

ref #9065: avoid NPE

170e8ea2 08/17/2020 12:18 PM Katja Luther

ref #9065: switch button text after click

f6218ddf 08/17/2020 10:26 AM Katja Luther

ref #9065: add a button to load the image in derived unit facade wizard

e3895566 08/14/2020 04:13 PM Katja Luther

ref #9065: derivedUnit wizard should contain media section but without loading the image

adb62052 07/13/2020 06:06 PM Andreas Müller


0b4fe3ea 07/13/2020 06:06 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9148 add commons-imaging-1.0-alpha1 to TaxEditor dependencies and remove sanselan-0.97-incubator

664c8b2a 07/13/2020 05:41 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9148 rename ImageInfo to CdmImageInfo in TaxEditor

8481f952 05/27/2020 06:40 PM Andreas Müller


bf20bbfd 05/27/2020 04:35 PM Katja Luther

adapt editor to value of statisticalMeasurementValue as BigDecimal

3b069ad4 07/18/2019 10:04 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 Handel widget disposed exceptions

a63beab2 07/17/2019 10:59 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 Handle all exceptions

663f4308 07/17/2019 10:35 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 Fix potential NPE

45272f9d 07/17/2019 10:03 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 minor refactoring

1ce04105 07/17/2019 10:01 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 Load images asynchronously in advanced media view

6f1e2526 07/15/2019 04:29 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 Fix refresh bug when adding a new empty media to a term

1ab658e8 07/12/2019 07:28 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8011, #8129 Fix possible NPEs when media URI can not be resolved

ccf1adbd 07/11/2019 02:18 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 i18n

47c992a7 07/11/2019 02:08 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 Fix image disposing

  • refactoring
ca1b4808 07/11/2019 12:48 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8129 Load images asynchronously in media details view

98db3bf7 06/12/2019 12:39 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8260 Complete refactoring of expansion state saving

69e82edd 10/25/2018 08:48 AM Katja Luther

local preferences database specific

e11bc05e 09/27/2018 09:57 AM Katja Luther

add warning for referencing objects in details view and code cleaning

127f0e03 09/11/2018 01:59 PM Katja Luther

move mediaToggleButton to the top

ad31468a 09/04/2018 01:57 PM Katja Luther

ref #7706: add warning if media is referenced by more than one object

c80855f5 08/08/2018 02:49 PM Katja Luther

do not set size etc to 0 if loading meta data fails

914fc748 08/03/2018 11:06 AM Katja Luther

workaround for exception in loading image to see the imported meta data

460cc149 05/14/2018 11:00 AM Katja Luther

adapt taxeditor to mediaCreated as timePeriod

1c3cb06b 03/05/2018 09:04 AM Patrick Plitzner

fix #6330 Add default sorting for all entity collections

  • default sorting is done by CdmBase.getId(). This also ensures that new elements are shown on top at first
f5979052 11/23/2017 03:37 PM Katja Luther

fix multiple representation by removing conversation of selection dialog

0fa0610e 10/13/2017 02:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6913 Remove org.eclipse.ui dependency from AbstractUtility

  • fix changing type of description element
e38ddfee 09/21/2017 11:38 AM Katja Luther

fix #6658: remove the indentation from text field of dateElement

82a099cf 09/21/2017 08:56 AM Katja Luther

initial time of date element needs to be UTC timezone

8b5ab7b2 09/19/2017 09:42 AM Katja Luther

fix #6860: add UTC timezone also to reading from entity in DateElement

4883173c 09/14/2017 10:29 PM Katja Luther

revert ZOnedDateTime to joda.DateTime

dc12a332 08/30/2017 10:33 AM Katja Luther

ref #6860: use timezone offset 0 and change joda DateTime to ZonedDateTime, until in lib DateTime is still joda a converter is used

77123730 08/02/2017 02:17 PM Andreas Müller

cleanup and deproxy

97623d1d 06/14/2017 02:49 PM Katja Luther

ref #6658: add calendar widget to dateElement

eb057b29 06/13/2017 01:18 PM Katja Luther

fix #6664: set value of mediaCreated correctly

6fc933f1 06/13/2017 11:40 AM Katja Luther

remove unused imports

6430b43e 06/13/2017 11:33 AM Katja Luther

fix #6658: add mediaCreated date field

9a5a83e1 06/09/2017 01:22 PM Katja Luther

ref #6390: adapt details view for misapplied names

0dfaf8fb 05/30/2017 12:42 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix typo

d89cdff1 01/18/2017 09:28 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6333 Remove framework for exchanging an element in the details view

  • This is against the concept of the DetailsView just showing an element which you can edit. Changing the element requires the DetailsView to know where the element comes from
f5b66699 01/18/2017 09:16 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6333 Add generic support for entity collection sections to allow
adding existing entities

  • this is done by two abstract methods allowAddExisting() and addExisting()
e3240965 12/20/2016 02:22 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6190 removing svn property place holder in first line of code - java files

102e44cd 10/24/2016 12:35 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix potential NPE

e29e2ebd 10/14/2016 12:05 PM Katja Luther

smaller changes for specimen import and others

f8c6c088 03/10/2016 01:02 PM Katja Luther

add media bulk editor see #4730

1f949d5d 02/23/2016 03:50 PM Patrick Plitzner

Enhance error message for media details view #5587

e214b66c 12/08/2015 10:36 AM Patrick Plitzner

Set all meta data to null/zero when uri is not resolvable #5312

95f14149 12/07/2015 06:19 PM Patrick Plitzner

Set image meta data in simple media view

b9c5a9df 12/07/2015 04:19 PM Patrick Plitzner

Refactored image loading

  • fix some NPEs
c87762cf 10/29/2015 11:04 AM Patrick Plitzner

Handle image loading

- add label to indicate that image was not found
- refactored code
a644d73a 10/29/2015 11:04 AM Patrick Plitzner

Add image preview to media simple view

0bae5e5a 09/22/2015 08:21 AM Patrick Plitzner

Add selection listener to media detail element to allow showing
supplemental data (#3367)

a45e3c4a 09/21/2015 03:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

Generalized UriWithLabelElement to use super class

ec683ee1 09/07/2015 02:45 PM Patrick Plitzner

Enhance handling of simple and advanced media view

  • Buffer URI string in case of parsing errors
  • disable toggling when media conists of more than one representation or part
3156d799 07/06/2015 03:11 PM Patrick Plitzner

Display URI parsing errors

9f089935 07/06/2015 03:10 PM Patrick Plitzner

Remove comments

12f71b09 06/29/2015 04:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add icon for switching to advanced media view

191f2328 06/29/2015 01:47 PM Patrick Plitzner

Show URI parsing exceptions below URI text field (fixes #5055, #5003, #4587)

0409a9a0 06/29/2015 01:35 PM Patrick Plitzner

Refresh view after media view has been switched

91eae82f 06/29/2015 01:35 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add MediaViewSwitch to media collection elements

Refactored code to use a static method that creates the IAction object.
This can be added by the GUI element itself.

025f1554 06/29/2015 01:35 PM Patrick Plitzner

Remove duplicate code for advanced media view (#4862)

Refactored code and added interface and abstract class to avoid
duplicate code.

a77acb74 06/29/2015 01:35 PM Patrick Plitzner

Remove comments

46c38373 04/24/2015 09:16 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • Added browse button to media section which allows to choose the media from existing ones (#2385)
9b51395d 12/15/2014 04:56 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • commented error logging for ImageInfo loading (#4385)
2200da88 12/10/2014 12:42 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • fixed class cast to more generic type
9f7e89bc 12/01/2014 10:43 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • refactored LanguageStringWithLabelElement (isMultiLine flag)
03d5f058 11/12/2014 09:51 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • used ImageFile instead of more generic MediaRepresentationPart when creating the Media (fixes #4402)
    • fixed a typo
0e327bed 09/05/2014 08:50 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • moved toggle button to the top-right corner of the Media(Specimen)Section (#3339)
    • Changed label
a9fd44de 08/25/2014 12:59 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • used native SWT checkBox button to toggle advanced view
b4d54b9b 08/25/2014 10:29 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • separated user interface to add media into two classe (#3339)
    • added it to MediaSpecimenGeneralDetailElement
1987e065 08/21/2014 09:52 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • generalized simple user interface to add media (#3339)
e9a2a0fa 08/20/2014 05:01 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • added toggle button to simple media user interface (#3339)
2bfe249f 08/18/2014 10:14 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added simple user interface to add media (#3339)
41e2f693 08/14/2014 12:32 PM Cherian Mathew

Moved all logging and dialog functionality to the new class MessagingUtils.
Refactoring code to adapt to above change.
Added new custom error dialog - CdmErrorDialog
Added runtime exception handling to the ApplicationWorkbenchAdvisor by adding a custom status handler

dacb59c9 01/28/2014 01:28 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • moved ICdmFormElement to ui.element
1e2ff9ee 08/20/2013 02:56 PM Patrick Plitzner

merged/implemented cdm3.3 model adaptations

2d6180c3 08/15/2013 03:25 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • ordered GUI and control classes in packages
    • converted FieldObservationDetails element
6504f35c 08/15/2013 11:57 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • moved ICdmFormElement to campanula.compatibility
b0ce5b17 08/12/2013 03:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

merged trunk into branch

5b087075 07/22/2013 05:09 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • completely removed EntityDetailType enum and all its uses
d2d8e95d 07/10/2013 04:28 PM Cherian Mathew

refactored NumberWithLabelElement to a single constructor with java.lang.Number as argument

23783f7a 01/30/2012 12:40 PM Niels Hoffmann

Refactoring of selection elements. Additional minor refactoring. Fixed a bug with Translation Editor (#2752)

78222507 01/18/2012 01:45 PM Niels Hoffmann

refactoring of package names for consistency

cbb25f0f 01/10/2012 04:24 PM Niels Hoffmann

Do read width and height form image only when it is created.

5d8edc8c 08/17/2011 05:53 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixes #2525

caf6ce95 06/21/2011 02:04 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixing problems with image handling.

59351073 06/16/2011 04:51 PM Niels Hoffmann

Improved image handling (fixes #2351); Passwords can now be changed by "admin" user (CAUTION: this is done by checking if the currently logged in user is the user named "admin", this has to change once rights are implemented correctly)

415ca2c4 06/09/2011 11:37 AM Niels Hoffmann

Removed call to obsolete service method

a5d6e4c0 06/09/2011 11:23 AM Niels Hoffmann

Renaming MediaMetaData to MediaInfo