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dcb5cd20 03/05/2021 01:41 PM Andreas Müller

Adapt delete label

b9721271 03/05/2021 01:37 PM Andreas Müller

adapt label

cb7fc5de 03/05/2021 09:04 AM Katja Luther

label and menu adaptions in character matrix

807ef200 03/04/2021 03:55 PM Katja Luther

small changes in matrix menu

3617f84b 06/19/2020 01:28 PM Katja Luther

menu issues character matrix and descriptive dataset editor

2d8bc492 06/18/2020 08:55 AM Katja Luther

ref #8785: smaller label issues

4649a39b 06/09/2020 10:55 AM Katja Luther

ref #8785: move generation of polytomous key to context menu

d4c5694c 06/04/2020 11:52 AM Katja Luther


c2fb4bcf 06/04/2020 09:29 AM Katja Luther

ref #8785: add translation for add description

45e6c867 06/03/2020 06:07 PM Katja Luther

ref #8785: tabel does not need to be configured completely new for new specimen

5982fda4 05/07/2020 11:44 AM Katja Luther

ref #8785: add menu item for remove desc and remember this desc and remove while saving

322d3caa 03/09/2020 11:36 AM Katja Luther

fix #8847: adapt labels for set name in source operations

c2138217 11/20/2019 02:19 PM Patrick Plitzner

german i18n for "Descriptive Data Set"

a61d053e 11/15/2019 09:05 AM Patrick Plitzner

fix #8661 "New DataSet" should ask for label and then open the dataset

68c9d8e4 11/12/2019 02:27 PM Patrick Plitzner

Rename menu entry for DDS navigator

962e47b4 08/23/2019 09:31 AM Katja Luther

ref #3472: adapt labels for operation

f9af366e 08/19/2019 09:53 AM Katja Luther

ref #8385: smaller changes in preferences

682f52a4 08/16/2019 09:37 AM Katja Luther

ref #3472: adapt editor to changes in methods moving descriptions

602aaca7 02/07/2019 08:15 PM Katja Luther

invalid designation externalization

8544e2d4 10/17/2018 10:43 AM Katja Luther


fe3f1c66 10/17/2018 10:24 AM Andreas Müller

ref #7793 rename English command for Move Factual Data to Other Taxon to ... Data Set ...

97315e05 10/15/2018 11:56 AM Katja Luther


43c739f3 10/05/2018 11:38 AM Katja Luther

smaller changes for factual data menu

bd0c87e3 10/05/2018 10:24 AM Katja Luther

ref #3276:minor

6ed2f1ef 09/24/2018 03:36 PM Katja Luther

missing english translation

2194a7c6 09/24/2018 02:50 PM Katja Luther

merge fragment.e4.xmi

95116a15 09/20/2018 03:03 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7775 i18n

d9fbbe86 09/20/2018 03:03 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7775 Add option "Create new factual data set with sources"

1d4ca46e 09/20/2018 03:03 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7775 Renamed context menu label

437d2b64 09/17/2018 02:51 PM Katja Luther


e98feeb2 09/17/2018 01:05 AM Andreas Müller

add English translation for par parte synonym (again after revert)

4e956294 09/16/2018 11:47 PM Andreas Müller

Revert "ref #7761: invalid designations are displayed in name editor and details view like MAN"

This reverts commit 8e0e024c985ffbbe2ce2421270927059c9abf0cc.

26c22583 09/16/2018 04:17 PM Andreas Müller

add English translation for par parte synonym

b7299e98 09/14/2018 01:45 PM Katja Luther

ref #7761: fragment.xmi and file for invalid designation changes

35f94062 09/12/2018 12:37 PM Katja Luther

english label for pro parte synonym added

3ee27021 09/11/2018 01:43 PM Katja Luther

find all occurrences of Misapplikation in german text

098bc626 09/11/2018 08:50 AM Katja Luther

Misapplication should be called Fehlanwendung in german

e7dfec09 06/07/2018 09:38 AM Katja Luther

adapt english command label for changing to pro parte synonyms

92961300 05/16/2018 02:56 PM Katja Luther

add changeTo operation for pro parte synonyms

c87fb375 05/15/2018 12:10 PM Katja Luther

adapt editor to proParte synonyms

38575ae7 05/14/2018 04:29 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add context menu to taxon node filter in DDS editor

d895d915 05/14/2018 01:17 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #4611 i18n for descriptive data set module

a2cc19af 04/27/2018 02:22 PM Katja Luther

adapt labels for refresh nodes in polytomouskeynode editor

ed46b81a 03/26/2018 05:45 PM Patrick Plitzner

fix #7329 Unify naming for both specimen editors (bulk and hierarchy)

e5534178 12/01/2017 02:40 PM Andreas Müller

Adapt labels for move facts/data commands

0348fb62 10/11/2017 04:00 PM Andreas Müller

Adapt menu entry label for Authorities

ca0e8f6d 06/20/2017 09:41 PM Patrick Plitzner

fix ref #6743 missing l10n for specimen editor context menu

2dd59866 06/20/2017 08:58 PM Patrick Plitzner

l10n for specimen editor context menu

167eefc2 05/18/2017 01:32 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6566 Migrate single read related context menu items Part 2

5e008e49 03/09/2017 02:09 PM Patrick Plitzner

fix #6483 Restructure view and bulk editor menu

  • move specimen editor (hierarchy) to bulk editor menu
  • move user and group menu item to admin menu
150b624d 02/23/2017 02:41 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #4611 complete i18n for taxeditor.editor plugin

  • also created l10n package and moved and teh files there
61c51c84 02/23/2017 02:41 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #4611 i18n for taxeditor.editor plugin

8d33d5d6 02/21/2017 04:48 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #4611 Add missing string, remove unused files

ae137b34 02/21/2017 04:44 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #4611 some l10n for taxeditor and taxeditor.editor plugin

57aa2fdb 02/10/2017 03:18 PM Katja Luther

ref #6315: implement set secundum reference for subtree in editor

ba775160 02/08/2017 11:52 AM Katja Luther

missing Messages changes

40bd7837 01/10/2017 01:57 PM Katja Luther

fix #4246: move insert node and create new key node to one menu item with submenu

d6c025ed 12/01/2016 11:55 AM Katja Luther

add missing files

e9773ade 11/18/2016 06:25 PM Katja Luther

ref #5971: new main menu admin with cdm preference nomenclatural code and insert polytomous key node

cc330739 09/19/2016 02:39 PM Patrick Plitzner

i18n for view titles

6e572e21 09/15/2016 08:49 AM Katja Luther

ref #6041: revert the changes and wait for the decision of the user meeting

68725b19 09/07/2016 11:15 AM Patrick Plitzner

Rename derivative editor to "Specimen Editor"

cb08d659 08/22/2016 10:44 AM Katja Luther

fix #6041

1b6fc97e 08/18/2016 03:11 PM Patrick Plitzner

fix #5988 Add Checklist Editor to generic "Open in..." menu

df601566 07/19/2016 12:22 PM Katja Luther

translate some commands

e7031ddb 07/07/2016 04:55 PM Andreas Müller

Fix some typos in German translation

fd539f3b 06/21/2016 07:43 PM Patrick Plitzner

i18n for factual data view

6a70366c 06/21/2016 10:20 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix typo

d1dfc43d 06/13/2016 12:26 PM Patrick Plitzner


de663d24 04/27/2016 11:14 AM Patrick Plitzner

i18n for derivate view context menu #5406

5ac8a8c8 03/21/2016 10:45 AM Patrick Plitzner


144176fe 03/17/2016 06:39 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix menu order #5615

2ce55ae5 01/04/2016 07:29 AM Patrick Plitzner

Remove unused extension points

420c234a 12/14/2015 06:18 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add generic default command for opening taxon editor for taxa and taxon

b92b3235 11/11/2015 11:07 AM Patrick Plitzner

Merge branch 'develop' into unify_derivative_views

c12b01cf 11/10/2015 09:31 AM Katja Luther

fixing #5115

905038e2 10/27/2015 02:27 PM Patrick Plitzner

Removed "New Specimen" option from main menu

8aac42d2 10/06/2015 03:50 PM Patrick Plitzner

I18n of login and data source view

9d69a13b 10/05/2015 09:02 AM Patrick Plitzner

Adapt MediaSpecimen i18n

79136a9f 10/01/2015 04:11 PM Patrick Plitzner

Correct derivative hierarchy context menu label

421666b4 09/30/2015 03:43 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix i18n (#5155)

12ebf505 09/21/2015 09:30 AM Patrick Plitzner

I18n for specimen editor (#5155)

34530272 09/09/2015 01:22 PM Patrick Plitzner

I18n for derivative module

e630b8f8 09/09/2015 01:22 PM Patrick Plitzner

I18n for Specimen Editor

6950e783 08/18/2015 02:45 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop

ab499326 08/18/2015 01:35 PM Katja Luther


7f0642d4 08/17/2015 02:56 PM Patrick Plitzner

Rename Derivative View to Derivative Editor

6934abd6 05/21/2015 02:44 PM Andreas Müller

fix UTF-8 issue in menu label

dcec2a45 05/11/2015 11:04 AM Katja Luther

#4855 add MoveSynonymToAnotherAcceptedTaxonHandler and some clean up of the plugin.xml especially the delete

b0e037f6 05/06/2015 02:49 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • changed "derivate" to "derivatives"
31645e4f 04/28/2015 04:19 PM Alexander Oppermann

Fix Ticket #4729

c5e35ea3 04/22/2015 05:00 PM Andreas Müller

Some changes on TaxEditor i18n: #4553

e3259fb3 04/14/2015 01:52 PM Katja Luther
8367bf37 03/24/2015 10:25 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added i18n for german to plugin.xml
dd1c696a 01/09/2015 01:24 PM Andreas Müller

adapted menu and view labels for validation framework, removed menu for problems view

543ccf33 09/15/2014 09:54 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • externalized plugin.xml
4db49a38 08/13/2014 02:07 PM Alexander Oppermann

reintegrated redlist branch into trunk