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ed6e20d7 09/04/2014 05:32 PM edit-jenkins

Updated version in config files to 3.3.8-SNAPSHOT

14f96448 09/04/2014 05:06 PM edit-jenkins

Updated version in config files to 3.3.7

4db49a38 08/13/2014 02:07 PM Alexander Oppermann

reintegrated redlist branch into trunk

80168e3c 07/08/2014 03:34 PM edit-jenkins

Updated version in config files to 3.3.7-SNAPSHOT

43c9550c 07/08/2014 03:20 PM edit-jenkins

Updated version in config files to 3.3.6

20ed1f92 06/25/2014 05:15 PM Cherian Mathew

remotingApplicationContext : added CdmCacher as bean to be initialised
META-INF/MANIFEST.MF, .classpath, lib/ehcache-core-2.4.3.jar, lib/ehcache-core-2.6.9.jar: replaced ehcache-core-2.4.3 with ehcache-core-2.6.9 for the CdmCacher.
It seems that even though hibernate-ehcache-4.1.10.Final is embedded with ehcache-core-2.4.3, it is compatible with ehcache-core-2.6.9 according to

9d2455d4 05/30/2014 11:51 AM Cherian Mathew

added sourcepath to all cdm libs

eca44d67 05/30/2014 11:12 AM edit-jenkins

Updated version in config files to 3.3.6-SNAPSHOT

652b7ec4 05/30/2014 11:02 AM edit-jenkins

Updated version in config files to 3.3.5

c25f95ef 05/28/2014 11:29 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • checked in previously deleted .classpath file (see #4227)
07f20640 05/21/2014 11:02 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • deleted eclipse jars and .classpath file which are automatically generated by "mvn clean validate" and the eclipse function "Update classpath"
cc87b74b 05/20/2014 12:01 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • Increased version number in .classpath file (should be done automatically by maven)
07d21e62 05/06/2014 04:45 PM Cherian Mathew

.classpath : added test resources in classpath
CdmPersistentRemoteSourceTest : added new tests for remote source connection
CdmRemoteSourceBase : added code to connect to the target database (before initialising the full application context) to retrieve metadata...

c4d74fc7 04/23/2014 02:27 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • increased cdmlib version number in .classpath file to 3.3.4
ddad535f 03/31/2014 02:19 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • fix cdmlib version number in .classpath (why does maven not generate this anymore?)
    • added "molecular" package to exported packages
    • organize imports for new molecular services
73de892e 02/12/2014 05:54 PM Cherian Mathew

changed package name to be consistent with cdmlib
remotingApplicationContext.xml : cleaning up component scan

f6eae72a 02/12/2014 01:48 PM Cherian Mathew

erging from remoting-1.0 branch

  • adding new confugration / controller classes for remoting
  • adding aspect and related aop.xml config file
  • added aspect and spring remoting jars
  • updated manifest , pom and classpath for the new dependencies
77d74526 01/29/2014 03:41 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • added persistence sources
3f81dcb0 01/28/2014 01:17 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • increased version number
    • added sources
bf61d25f 01/22/2014 04:28 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • removed specific source code path
05e64466 01/21/2014 09:33 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added cdmlib sources
c167b004 01/20/2014 09:58 AM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update fixes

60f1fa2b 10/22/2013 01:09 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • add sources to classpath
5966c200 10/16/2013 10:27 AM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

156912da 10/16/2013 10:27 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added cdmlib source code to classpath
a539e187 10/16/2013 09:36 AM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

ad685701 10/16/2013 09:35 AM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

956490c2 10/16/2013 09:28 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • removed source code attachment for personal folder
3c939d69 10/14/2013 03:57 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

updating to latest eclipse rcp indigo jars

544878ef 09/26/2013 03:55 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • DataImportSpecimenEditorInput now call cdmlib-ext to query BioCASE provider and calls cmlib-io to use ABCD-import for converting ABCD into SpecimenOrObservationBase objects
    • implemented TransientCdmRepository an TransientOccurenceService for that
d748f4f4 09/25/2013 05:23 PM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

27f5197f 09/25/2013 04:43 PM Cherian Mathew

adapting to latest model changes for change of package

46c12f49 09/25/2013 04:07 PM Cherian Mathew

reintegrated model changes from branch 3.3-MC-SNAPSHOT

411b32b4 09/18/2013 10:30 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • changed cdm dependency to 3.2.4
c6c03f97 09/17/2013 09:49 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added source code to cdm libs
89985892 09/12/2013 02:49 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • added source code to cdm libs
6ea34d89 08/29/2013 03:14 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • added spring sources to classpath
1e2ff9ee 08/20/2013 02:56 PM Patrick Plitzner

merged/implemented cdm3.3 model adaptations

9a6bc120 08/16/2013 03:50 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • added sources to classpath
2874935c 07/22/2013 06:41 PM Patrick Plitzner

reintegrated campanula branch: removed enum DetailType and all its uses

204d7987 07/22/2013 01:50 PM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

03db5595 07/19/2013 12:47 PM Patrick Plitzner

added merge-info to sub folder my merging with sub folder from trunk

2a30fa7c 07/11/2013 04:26 PM Patrick Plitzner

updated classpath to 3.2.3 version

c8b2e7f8 07/11/2013 02:17 PM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

2312fc7b 07/11/2013 02:00 PM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

49a64920 07/10/2013 03:38 PM Cherian Mathew

Aligning Editor with 3.3 model changes. First phase commit which updates only the classes.
Branch not compilable at the moment.

493254c3 06/18/2013 01:11 PM Cherian Mathew

added h2mig back to snapshot

f42d04c8 06/18/2013 01:04 PM Cherian Mathew

added h2mig jar to trunk

f0967603 06/17/2013 04:53 PM Cherian Mathew

merging jar updates from trunk

5a7c5d95 06/17/2013 04:45 PM Cherian Mathew

adding updated manifest and remaining jars

d5d62650 05/29/2013 11:18 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added sources to cdmlib libraries
708d5fef 05/03/2013 04:39 PM Cherian Mathew

added h2 mig jar to classpath, build, manifest files

cae61bae 05/03/2013 02:20 PM Cherian Mathew

merging branch for release

49c5c069 04/30/2013 06:07 PM Cherian Mathew

removed unused persistence tests jar from classpath

ab56e292 04/30/2013 05:49 PM Cherian Mathew

added all cdmlib dependencies
updated classpath files

81df4462 04/17/2013 01:12 PM Cherian Mathew

updated dependent jars in build path for mvn

2fe2d7f6 04/17/2013 11:36 AM Cherian Mathew

updating classpath entries for new cdmlib dependency jars

bccb7ce8 04/11/2013 05:49 PM Cherian Mathew

added composite table dependency and classpath updates for 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT

b4ca72fe 03/08/2013 10:25 AM Cherian Mathew

SearchResultLabelProvider : display new orphaned-taxa image icon for orphaned taxa
AbstractGroupedContainer : updated 'isNameUsedMultipleTimes' to factor in orphaned taxa
TaxonEditorInput : added display of message in case of orphaned taxa
ImageResources : added new orphaned-taxa image icon to resources

a23621f7 12/03/2012 05:11 PM Cherian Mathew

updates for release 3.1.2

159e7d7b 11/26/2012 03:01 PM Cherian Mathew

Moving trunk from 3.2-SNAPSHOT to 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT to be in sync with the latest cdmlib snapshot

8ab1af19 11/15/2012 04:49 PM Cherian Mathew

updated classpath file to add sourcepaths for cdmlib jars

6bada7f4 11/07/2012 09:58 AM Cherian Mathew

bumping up trunk version to 3.2 SNAPSHOT

e4da09e6 11/06/2012 10:25 AM Cherian Mathew

merge of security branch with trunk

75b33001 11/05/2012 05:35 PM Cherian Mathew

merge of trunk to the security branch

d4bf2869 10/24/2012 04:04 PM Cherian Mathew

final commits for move of trunk to 3.0.14-SNAPSHOT

a8f33d74 10/24/2012 03:40 PM Cherian Mathew

commits for preparing 3.0.13 release

258deb08 10/24/2012 01:20 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

switching to cdmlib 3.0.14-SNAPSHOT

bb23a637 10/24/2012 12:13 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding missing dependency and switching to cdmlib 3.0.13 RELEASE

30a27c33 09/13/2012 05:07 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

solved #2990 (implement missing parts of Groups admin details view)

28b3f4aa 09/13/2012 12:31 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

GrantedAuthoritySelectionDialog implemented for #2990 (implement missing parts of Groups admin details view)

9bbb5f2c 09/12/2012 08:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #3101 (refresh tree navigator after switching user)

7d1e5a64 09/12/2012 04:08 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

merging in latest changes from trunk

63e1618b 09/11/2012 05:14 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #3096 (visual response if a user is not granted to edit a specific part of the classification tree)

a269a040 09/11/2012 02:15 PM Alexander Oppermann surrounded statement with try-catch block Fixed savePath as File representation and converted it then toURI().

plugin.xml: Commented out the JaxbWizard-Menu see also #3077

208a9050 09/10/2012 03:30 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

merging in latest changes from trunk, up to r15854 (editor starts without issues)

f860a8ec 08/01/2012 12:53 AM Andreas Müller

update postgresql dependency to version 9.1 in TaxEditor

54ec7c0a 07/23/2012 04:22 PM Andreas Müller

include new classpath to 3.0.13-SNAPSHOT cdmlib

0968b584 07/23/2012 02:47 PM Andreas Müller

integrate 3.0.12 branch and adapt for 3.0.12 release

d70f4b3c 07/20/2012 01:14 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

reintergating r15647 from /branches/taxeditor/security/ (changing renamed ITaxaServiceConfigurator to new name IFindTaxaAndNamesConfigurator)

f2e686b9 07/20/2012 12:59 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

changing renamed ITaxaServiceConfigurator to new name IFindTaxaAndNamesConfigurator

e707c070 06/27/2012 09:58 PM Andreas Müller

TaxEditor release 3.0.11

f41433b9 06/22/2012 08:26 PM Alex Theys

AT:Committing changes post merge

0680729b 03/08/2012 09:19 AM Alex Theys

AT: Comminting bug fixing for TaxEditor, fixing the setup and tree viewer

86e84ca0 03/06/2012 06:11 PM Alex Theys

AT: commiting latest changes to the Palm Use data extension, to enable the TaxEditor to create the necessary objects (use marker and vocabularies)

4210ae04 02/07/2012 01:29 PM Niels Hoffmann

Bumped trunk to version 3.0.10-SNAPSHOT

2fbfd48e 02/07/2012 12:48 PM Niels Hoffmann

Preparing 3.0.9 release version

23783f7a 01/30/2012 12:40 PM Niels Hoffmann

Refactoring of selection elements. Additional minor refactoring. Fixed a bug with Translation Editor (#2752)

b9a0d300 01/16/2012 01:14 PM Lorna Morris

Committing changes to definedtermeditor after merge from branch

8261b345 12/07/2011 02:07 PM Niels Hoffmann

added latest poi to dependencies

3373b3fb 10/19/2011 08:25 AM Niels Hoffmann

Added some import changes

1182c1aa 10/12/2011 05:10 PM Niels Hoffmann

Bumping version to 3.0.9

b2cf37e3 10/10/2011 07:00 PM Niels Hoffmann
361d0a66 10/04/2011 10:37 AM Niels Hoffmann

Transfering workplace to new machine

288183cd 09/28/2011 12:54 PM Niels Hoffmann

Upgraded to cdmlib-3.0.9, working on error warning for unsavable editor

5c3cda53 09/08/2011 04:59 PM Niels Hoffmann

switching to cdmlib-3.0.8

3d3773ab 09/06/2011 02:51 PM Niels Hoffmann

Adapted to changes in homotypic group handling

586e24a0 08/31/2011 04:08 PM Niels Hoffmann

removed obsolete jars and adapted classpaths

c9eed3dc 08/31/2011 03:12 PM Niels Hoffmann

adding classpath and project file