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df6b4d52 08/09/2013 09:50 AM Cherian Mathew

INameService : added method to fuzzy search name cache
NameServiceImpl : implemented method to fuzzy search name cache
NameCatalogueController : added param to fuzzy search endpoint which allows for searching name cache or the atomised elements.
NonViralName : set index analyse option to yes for nameCache to include it in fuzzy searching

6233c56e 08/08/2013 04:11 PM Cherian Mathew

optimized fuzzy name search by,
- using FuzzyLikeThis for better accuracy
- removing sorting
- added min prefix length for the search string

f117e574 08/07/2013 07:56 PM Sybille Bürs

have an other try to fix my mess

b73cf15d 08/07/2013 07:13 PM Sybille Bürs

after reverse merge

ce703c36 08/07/2013 06:29 PM Sybille Bürs

fixed -package not exist- problem on integration. created maven repositoy dependencies.

b7ff446c 08/07/2013 11:47 AM Sybille Bürs

created a structure for the odf print publishing

8483d6e9 08/06/2013 10:45 AM Alexander Oppermann

Update on pom.xml: deleted vaadin dependencies

af6418df 08/06/2013 10:04 AM Alexander Oppermann

Update on CsvExportController: -fixed encoding issue for unicode characters

64a50c81 08/05/2013 07:34 PM Andreas Müller

fix reset bug in flora imports

4e56a70e 08/05/2013 05:57 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

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