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8621e56a 07/10/2012 05:07 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

solving #2958 (rename and move TaxonServiceConfigurator)

bd440597 01/13/2012 04:05 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing bug associated with getTaxaByCommonName(); benchmarking taxa by common name hql vs lucene

abdf798e 01/09/2012 01:22 PM Andreas Müller

base class for delete configurator

e8bc0f43 01/04/2012 01:57 PM Andreas Müller

rename DeletionResult -> DeleteResult & improve TermDeletionConfigurator

2075d37e 01/04/2012 10:22 AM Andreas Müller

added deletion result class and term deletion configurator #2703 and others.

2cb46f24 12/07/2011 01:05 PM Katja Luther

adapt the search to be able to find misapplied names: to include misapplied names use the new configurator attribute doIncludeMisappliedNames

6f9a8598 11/21/2011 04:59 PM Andreas Müller

added TaxonDeletionConfigurator and TaxonNodeDeletionConfigurator

77a59193 10/14/2011 05:15 PM Andreas Müller

improved "move synonym" (#2578), also adapted constructor of SynonymRelationship to adapt homotypic group of homotypic synonyms.

80bd3ac1 10/13/2011 10:52 PM Andreas Müller

move NameDeletionConfigurator to config package and add DeleteExceptions

a6f05c62 05/23/2011 06:25 PM Andreas Müller

refine findBestMatchingTaxon

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