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c93aed86 09/27/2012 04:42 PM Lorna Morris

Fixed broken link for source URL. Scratchpad taxons do not currently have a source URL so clicking the link just refreshes the current page.

619da348 09/26/2012 06:46 PM Lorna Morris

Modified vibrant-taxon.xsl to display the results of the full text search.

112fd67b 09/26/2012 06:45 PM Lorna Morris

Added a html page for calling the full text search.

021c9114 09/25/2012 10:08 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

cdm_ws_progress.js moved from dataportal to cdmlib-remote-webapp

97558be0 08/29/2012 12:47 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #3058 (hibernate search: not all description elements found) by padding all id fields in lucene

dcea69e6 07/19/2012 01:32 PM edit-jenkins

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

964dbdc3 07/19/2012 01:32 PM edit-jenkins

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cdmlib-parent-3.0.12

767b0bd3 07/18/2012 03:56 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

monitoring rest service initiated long term processes implemented

8b77e265 07/12/2012 01:58 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

#2961 (test for highlighting multiple words as phrase FAILS)

cee9e6e3 06/27/2012 02:18 PM edit-jenkins

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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