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ad53bf18 08/09/2018 10:19 AM Katja Luther

ref #7643: use freetext for bibliographic short citation

2d006ce7 08/08/2018 02:51 PM Katja Luther

filter intext references in cdmlight export

28459634 08/06/2018 12:30 PM Katja Luther

adapt cdm light test to changes

b6e8128f 08/06/2018 10:29 AM Katja Luther

fix handling of sec reference in cdm light export

fb147efa 08/03/2018 10:30 AM Katja Luther

parse collection date for abcd import

de2adfba 08/03/2018 09:08 AM Katja Luther

fix collector import if it is a single string value in gatheringAgentsText

18bfc099 07/30/2018 01:51 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7530 final changes for WfoAccess import

43234324 07/30/2018 01:51 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7530 latest changes to WfoAccess import

b0412410 07/26/2018 12:54 PM Katja Luther

move getFieldUnits to findFieldUnits

eabaedb0 07/26/2018 11:23 AM Katja Luther

smaller changes in ABCD import

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