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977a388a 08/15/2018 10:14 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6682 fix directions for taxonRelationship service

973082b3 08/15/2018 10:07 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6682 further fixes for taxonRelationship service

1fab5922 08/15/2018 09:13 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6682 some changes to test taxon relationship service

c6a7335e 08/15/2018 08:16 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6682 adapt inverse MAN symbol in test

d50a2175 08/15/2018 08:10 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6682 adapt taxon rel type symbols in test in for MAN inverse type

33852ad0 08/15/2018 07:30 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6682 first implementation of taxon relationship formatter and web service

ed983c96 08/15/2018 05:47 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7492 handled unpublished in NameCatalogueController.doGetTaxonInformation

938551ac 08/15/2018 04:56 PM Andreas Müller


6d921b88 08/15/2018 04:56 PM Andreas Müller

fix non compiling code in CommonServiceImpl (works on other installations but not on mine)

93cd99ee 08/15/2018 04:56 PM Andreas Müller

fix row count issue for CsvImportBase

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