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1eed2be4 06/21/2013 12:43 PM Andreas Müller

merge trunk to 3.3

d72d5216 04/15/2013 07:36 AM Andreas Müller

hibernate4 update for ConversationHolder (maybe not yet fully ready)

443f1bb1 06/21/2010 01:32 PM Niels Hoffmann

merging the last changes from SPRINT-Cichoriea1 into trunk

c67e904d 01/27/2010 02:14 PM Niels Hoffmann

moved image functionality into the library

79ff3269 01/08/2010 05:41 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixes #1365 and #1366

cfede040 11/06/2009 06:50 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixing a problem with pooled connection that only arose when exceeding maxActive connections

78c2bf74 10/26/2009 01:44 PM Katja Luther

licence comment added

b3715e03 09/21/2009 01:05 PM Niels Hoffmann

changed flush mode to COMMIT. Solves lots of issues regarding hibernate conversations.
added getUuidAndTitleCache methods at service level

54928b3a 09/01/2009 05:41 PM Niels Hoffmann

added ability to delete an object from a conversations persistence context

2b111f60 05/08/2009 06:17 PM Niels Hoffmann

added support to unregister from PostDataChangeListener and some new plugin versions

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