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3d03a83f 03/13/2014 01:22 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

implementing test and fixing bugs regarding #4081 (TaxonNodeServiceImpl.makeTaxonNodeASynonymOfAnotherTaxonNode() requires TAXONNAMEBASE.[UPDATE])

d261aa32 03/12/2014 02:18 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

implementing exclude map for #4081 (TaxonNodeServiceImpl.makeTaxonNodeASynonymOfAnotherTaxonNode() requires TAXONNAMEBASE.[UPDATE])

0ad365ec 02/28/2014 11:45 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

implementing #4082 (implement default permission groups)

cc4b07b5 02/26/2014 12:21 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding TeamOrPersonBaseVoter

ae1c593b 02/26/2014 12:18 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding permission class for Teams and Persons wich according validator

a9164750 02/26/2014 10:45 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

CdmPermissionClasses for names and references, tests implemented, bug in CdmPermissionClass.from() fixed - #4055 (action enablement adapts to the users granted authorities)

db386ab0 02/25/2014 09:34 AM Katja Luther

fix NPE in onFlushDirty

6c86c7c2 02/19/2014 03:45 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

additional functionality for #4055 (action enablement adapts to the users granted authorities)

17673d79 02/11/2014 06:40 PM Cherian Mathew

added initializeCollection method to initialize a lazy loaded collection

4d75517b 02/11/2014 05:17 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

A utils class which helps finding security related exceptions in Throwables

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