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3b18f20b 06/28/2013 01:16 PM Andreas Müller

add original source type "primary media source" #2539

c150ee7f 06/28/2013 12:59 PM Andreas Müller

rename FieldObservation -> FieldUnit #3351

483579cd 06/28/2013 11:24 AM Andreas Müller

adding recordBasis to SpecimenOrObservationBase and removing some DerivedUnit classes (all #3378) and adding kindOfUnit to SpecimenOrObservationBase (except for according termType and vocabulary) #3568.

61c8b7e4 06/27/2013 09:44 AM Andreas Müller

Schema update for startNumber and using startNumber in nodeNumber refresh #3563

f6cb3385 06/26/2013 07:10 PM Andreas Müller

implement start number for PolytomousKeys #2327

717aa7c0 06/26/2013 06:26 PM Andreas Müller

implement abbreviated title for references #1551

bc5dfef6 06/26/2013 04:31 PM Andreas Müller

Updating test data for publish flag (III) and removing dataset.dtd from cdmlib-ext

ac43a8e5 06/26/2013 03:12 PM Andreas Müller

implement publish flag for TaxonBase and SpecimenOrObservationBase #1780 (testdata not yet fixed)

c8a3b6ab 06/25/2013 08:18 PM Andreas Müller

remove homotypical gorup form type designation base and interface #2173

7716e7de 06/25/2013 07:18 PM Andreas Müller

updated Media.addDescription to media.putDescription #2511

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