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1000779d 05/07/2019 09:51 AM Katja Luther

ref #8045: add Interface for Preference Enums

0be51620 05/06/2019 04:42 PM jenkins

Updating develop poms back to pre merge state

9e57e41e 05/06/2019 04:42 PM jenkins

updating develop poms to master versions to avoid merge conflicts

bc914c97 05/03/2019 05:21 PM jenkins

updating poms for 5.8.0-SNAPSHOT development

09ed14f5 05/03/2019 03:45 PM Andreas Müller

fix preference value length check in CdmPreference constructor. Adapt to new length

13fd7107 05/02/2019 05:56 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add constructor for term type only

4724d189 04/30/2019 07:47 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8252 improving ReferenceEllypsisFormatter for print series and proceedings

6efa5535 04/30/2019 04:15 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8252 improving ReferenceEllypsisFormatter for journals and other references where the main information is in the title

3215b084 04/30/2019 03:05 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8193 collection setter for TaxonName.status

51c97aab 04/29/2019 02:18 PM Katja Luther

revert changes in PrefKey

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