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a88578ce 05/02/2018 02:00 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6241 replaced @created by @since in cdmlib

7fa325bc 04/23/2018 01:49 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6241 change @date to @since

9dc896c9 06/03/2017 07:18 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6368 rename table and class TaxonNameBase

5b47e484 06/03/2017 07:17 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6368 clean SetSpec

e6d7b501 06/03/2017 07:17 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6368 remove TaxonNameBase subclasses

d45008d0 12/20/2016 11:49 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6190 removing svn property place holder in first line of code

71b8be7f 11/25/2016 05:22 PM Andreas Müller


b3a692b2 11/25/2016 05:21 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6122 use StringResultDTO for titleCache service

f71f37e3 12/11/2015 11:31 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

organizing imports

eec2d79d 11/23/2015 04:13 PM Andreas Müller

Fix issues after rebase #4716

0e3abb12 08/12/2015 10:57 AM Katja Luther


f37a5ac6 02/03/2015 04:15 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding lsid to TaxonInformation

2869c588 01/19/2015 03:49 PM Cherian Mathew

removed references to vaadin in pom file
removed vaadin classes as they have been migrated to cdm-vaadin project

ccf1f2f1 12/03/2014 10:03 AM Andreas Müller

merge PresenceTerm and AbsenceTerm #4521

30df2c08 10/20/2014 04:36 PM Alexander Oppermann

latest changes for VaadinPrototype
* paged tables
* lazy loaded container
* crud functionality for distribution status
* classification selection view
* named area selection view

removed deprecated mortbay logger in MediaController not only because it is deprecated but also because of conflicts with vaadin framework

e9f53c4c 06/25/2014 04:33 PM Cherian Mathew

clean up

2bc8db56 06/06/2014 10:47 PM Andreas Müller


046e0158 05/27/2014 12:31 PM Cherian Mathew

OccurrenceCatalogueController : added check for uuid corresponding to accepted taxon
OccurrenceSearch : updated terms to be consistent
occurrence-catalogue-default : updated doc

ffda997a 05/23/2014 05:47 PM Cherian Mathew

DerivedUnitFacade : added getRights method
OccurrenceCatalogueController : maintenance , clean up and added sources and rights to the init facade strategy
OccurrenceSearch : reverted back code for specimen related information

211d4f96 05/23/2014 10:00 AM Cherian Mathew

updated controller and search to optimise the code for retrieving all occurrences.
added apt doc for endpoint

f255c9aa 05/22/2014 01:25 PM Alexander Oppermann

Changed project scpecific naming to a more generic one.

7d0ee21b 05/22/2014 01:24 PM Alexander Oppermann

Changed project scpecific naming to a more generic one.

e9f32da7 03/20/2014 11:26 AM Patricia Kelbert

add occurrence controler for the occurrence web-service

4bbe913f 01/29/2014 01:34 PM Alexander Oppermann

cleaned unused imports

7c20dfbe 01/28/2014 12:52 PM Alexander Oppermann

restructering vaadin package -- new view

a0f27d8b 11/27/2013 11:55 AM Cherian Mathew

remote.xml : added simple rdf marshaller (named rdfMarshaller) for the web service rdf responses
RdfViewTest, OaiPmhViewTest : changed SpringBeanByType annotation to SpringBeanByName since we have now two marshallers (remote.xml)
RdfView, XmlView, OaiPmhResponseView : added qualifier for autowired marshaller since we now have two marshallers (remote.xml)...

20dbc8a3 11/27/2013 11:42 AM Cherian Mathew

NameInformationTest : sample test file for name information test in RdfViewTest
rdf-views.xml: new view configuration for rdf view
NameInformationRdf : new rdf class corresponding to NameInformation

16495c16 07/26/2013 02:54 PM Cherian Mathew

NameCatalogueController : updated controller to improve exact and fuzzy name search to use lucene document only searches
NameSearch : updated dto to accomodate lucene documents

3f9f8006 06/10/2013 11:58 AM Lorna Morris


ef422766 04/25/2013 05:07 PM Cherian Mathew

NameCatalogueController : added 'fuzzy' endpoint to perform fuzzy matching on names
NameSearch : updated NameSearch dto to include similarity score

f338f8bd 03/05/2013 08:13 PM Lorna Morris

Added a new Controller and DTO classes to create a flattened structure for presentation of Polytomous keys.

901528f6 02/25/2013 10:41 AM Cherian Mathew

new dto for accepted namesearch endpoint in the name catalogue controller

8018950c 01/25/2013 06:52 PM Lorna Morris

Added DTO classes for returning a flat data structure for displaying each row of a Polytomous key in linked style.

d895fcac 11/28/2012 10:18 AM Cherian Mathew

Added source dataset and taxonomic scrutiny elements to dto and updated calls in the controller to handle new elements

864d7591 08/31/2012 02:03 PM Cherian Mathew

Updated to remove calls to getRelatedFrom / getRelatedTo .
Other indirect, transient methods in NameRelationship, TaxonRelationship and SynonymRelationship have been used.

caaf0fb4 08/21/2012 01:39 PM Cherian Mathew

added name and rank in taxon web service response

f93b7fb5 07/05/2012 03:32 PM Cherian Mathew
  • updated name search web service to change 'taxonUuids' to 'taxonConceptUuids' and added a new accepted taxon uuid list called 'acceptedTaxonUuids' which contains the accepted taxon uuids of the taxon uuids in the 'taxonConceptUuids' list.
  • added 'classification' parameter to the taxon web service to choose which classification is tob returned....
72dc57cb 06/22/2012 03:34 PM Cherian Mathew

updated controller and related dtos to,
- add name cache search feature
- correct relationship type representation

b0101e75 04/26/2012 01:11 PM Cherian Mathew

Removed console outputs and added check for NameInformation response to add taxon lsids only in the case of accepted taxa

8adc5a34 04/24/2012 04:06 PM Cherian Mathew

updated import of RemoteResponse and ErrorResponse classes

cb46feda 04/24/2012 04:06 PM Cherian Mathew

RemoteResponse : Root interface for response model enities. This makes it possible to return a list of different objects (all implementing RemoteResponse)

ErrorResponse : Basic mode entity class which contains an error message

7647352a 04/24/2012 03:59 PM Cherian Mathew

New package which contains dtos for name_catalogue queries
- NameSearch for basic name search using string pattern
- NameInformation for name search based on name uuids
- TaxonInformation for taxon search based on taxon uuids

074280d4 04/27/2011 01:55 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

add on to #2340 (converter is no longer needed)

5fb0e5b6 04/20/2011 02:04 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for LsidToUri Converter, works with real URIs now

2201f251 03/29/2011 02:13 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

moving TaggedText generation into model.strategy

c79c3647 02/18/2011 02:46 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

OAI-PMH improvement and more

1d36aa54 12/01/2010 04:17 PM Andreas Müller

merge 3.0.2 to trunk

11e75ce8 10/20/2010 10:52 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

improved dwc mapping

01ea7615 10/20/2010 01:25 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

updating to dozer 5.3.0 & mapping to DarwinCore Simple

e863ca0f 09/13/2010 05:22 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

using full implementation of SimpleDarwinRecord & clean up of SRUWrapper WebService

0c090300 09/03/2010 11:12 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing namespaces

55055695 09/02/2010 12:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

re-integrating branches/cdmlib/oai-pmh up to revision 10059

892efc69 06/16/2010 05:30 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

merging /branches/cdmlib/SPRINT-Chichorieae1/ to trunk

a784f00f 03/10/2010 12:00 PM Katja Luther

merge cate-development2 branch with trunk

3209790f 11/30/2009 02:31 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

minor fixes

a9b7d841 11/26/2009 11:45 AM Ben Clark

First pass implementation of an OAI-PMH Controller for identifiable objects

58021fb4 11/02/2009 01:31 PM Ben Clark

Improvements to CDM-to-RDF mapping, plus Species Profile Model mappings from cdm descriptions

b0a1c6be 07/21/2009 09:44 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing deprecated DTOs

be60c78d 06/18/2009 04:38 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

minimum base web services for CDM Portal v2.0

110f853f 04/20/2009 05:22 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

TypeDesignationStatus renamed to SpecimenTypeDesignationStatus

88670522 03/25/2009 02:42 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

large number of changes relating to new architecture & svn keyword property Id added

5b3bfc2d 03/25/2009 11:53 AM Niels Hoffmann


cd7fb617 03/23/2009 05:04 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

large number of changes relating to new architecture

9143c73e 03/19/2009 05:29 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Merged branches/cdmlib/2.0 changes r5130:5370 into the trunk

78cf2c57 03/12/2009 02:13 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

License notice added

6d193751 03/09/2009 06:30 PM Ben Clark

Fixed bug in cdm-remote caused by changes to createdBy and updatedBy (#634)

5200456b 02/25/2009 02:09 PM Ben Clark

Committing large number of changes relating to versioning implementation (#108) + lsid resolution service implementation

5ebd28fd 02/05/2009 05:08 PM Helene Fradin

Replacement of getPreferredLanguageString() method by get() after changes made to the 'title' field of the Media class

dadf5cd0 12/15/2008 07:02 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

reverting modifications made from r4651 to r4654 by applying the patch:
svn diff -r 4654:4651
(one minor bug has been left out)

80c19462 12/11/2008 05:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker
807ea2fd 12/08/2008 04:46 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Generics type parameter fix.

15c5c4e8 11/25/2008 04:36 PM Niels Hoffmann

refactoring of homotypicTaxonGroup to cope with unknown synonymy

7914f770 11/17/2008 11:35 PM Niels Hoffmann

changes affected by geoservice refactoring

d2eb3690 11/14/2008 02:43 PM Niels Hoffmann

added geoserviceUrlParameters to webservice

24325a12 11/13/2008 11:07 PM Andreas Müller

remote geoService

bbe3d6a5 11/04/2008 05:42 PM Andreas Müller

LocalisedTermAssembler Doku

eacce968 10/16/2008 01:55 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Removed parameter CdmApplicationController from invoke() Interface method and retrieve it from import configurator instead.

d1e15103 10/13/2008 04:42 PM Niels Hoffmann

added distribution services to description assembler

5fdd0fe9 10/10/2008 05:41 PM Niels Hoffmann

webservice now outputs a geoservice url

1b8537f5 10/10/2008 05:40 PM Niels Hoffmann

update annotations in webservice

07fe64d3 09/25/2008 05:24 PM Niels Hoffmann

resolved #415

9e645ae4 09/08/2008 11:21 AM Niels Hoffmann

fix sorting of !MediaRepresentations

429befc7 09/02/2008 05:49 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixed some issues with TypeDesignations and NameRelations

45a5ff76 09/02/2008 05:47 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixed paging

34644e89 08/27/2008 03:31 PM Anahit Babadshanjan
9e8c0d61 08/27/2008 03:08 PM Niels Hoffmann

Refactoring DescriptionElements and Media

af8f02e1 08/25/2008 10:26 AM Niels Hoffmann

Features and FeatureTrees may be queried from webservice

252166f5 08/14/2008 12:20 PM Niels Hoffmann

Display references for type designations

49b5f716 08/12/2008 08:39 PM Niels Hoffmann

CLOSED - #360: DIPTERA type information for synonymous genera is missing

ce463c3c 08/11/2008 05:39 PM Niels Hoffmann

CLOSED - #358: DIPTERA orthographic variants are not shown in dataportal

1a633d5c 08/07/2008 04:58 PM Niels Hoffmann

CLOSED - #383: CICHORIEAE Incorrect references

92607823 08/07/2008 02:39 PM Niels Hoffmann

CLOSED - #368: DIPTERA unidentified taxa should have a "sp."

bb6bc58f 08/06/2008 08:05 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixed display of !NameTypeDesignations for accepted names and started refactoring !NameTypeDesignations and !SpecimenTypeDesignations. #360

9a76d148 07/30/2008 07:33 PM Niels Hoffmann

switched to featureTree implementation for displaying descriptions

0138970c 07/30/2008 01:59 PM Andreas Müller
9fef9798 07/30/2008 01:47 PM Andreas Müller
57c048e7 07/24/2008 12:11 PM Andreas Müller
ecabac08 07/23/2008 07:41 PM Niels Hoffmann
8c7b0853 07/14/2008 03:05 PM Andreas Müller
15efca6f 06/28/2008 11:22 PM Andreas Müller
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