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4df9f28c 09/13/2017 04:39 PM Andreas Müller

ref #3740 refactor operations in io layer

  • move operations and operation configurators to a separate package (remove from common package) as they are not realy related to import or export
  • operations are long running tasks using the io framework but not importing or exporting data
7588eacb 09/01/2017 09:43 AM Katja Luther

fix #6799: add totalCount of ticks as totalwork and start the progress monitor when this is calculated

7de8dccc 09/01/2017 08:34 AM Katja Luther

ref #6799: use the progress monitor of the configurator

17d2281a 05/16/2017 09:07 AM Katja Luther

ref #6636: adapt RIS Import for use in Editor

4da4f88a 05/05/2017 11:19 AM Katja Luther

fix #6619: missed to commit ioService

0befeb80 03/24/2017 08:27 PM unknown


ad4315e4 03/24/2017 06:17 PM unknown


03ebde9e 03/23/2017 10:34 AM Katja Luther

ref #6314: smaller fixes, creation of tropicos full name string, creation of final result etc

22d2dd81 03/15/2017 10:52 AM Katja Luther

use remotingProgressMonitor for setSecundumReferenceForSubtree

4ed92181 03/13/2017 03:18 PM Katja Luther

smaller changes in DwC-A Export

37180104 02/23/2017 10:24 AM Katja Luther

fix excel import from editor

7cbe2b56 12/20/2016 01:02 PM Katja Luther

missing changes for repair methods and cdmPreferences in editor

d45008d0 12/20/2016 11:49 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6190 removing svn property place holder in first line of code

62d8efcf 12/13/2016 11:48 AM Katja Luther

extend biocase import

6a3f4c50 12/08/2016 11:34 AM Katja Luther

ref #4766: prepair the sortindex updater for calling via IOService

1600af50 09/30/2016 04:34 PM Katja Luther


090cb34e 09/30/2016 04:09 PM Katja Luther

specimen import/search changes

253ccd8a 08/12/2016 09:49 AM Katja Luther

specimen import changes

ac7c4c35 10/30/2015 04:30 PM Cherian Mathew

#5297 Move monitor thread api to super interface, Implement monitor feedback timeout

#5297 Add monitor feedback timeout, Cleanup code

eeedb131 10/29/2015 04:55 PM Cherian Mathew

#5297 Make result, feedback objects in remoting monitor serializable, Update test service with monitor feedback

3087df1b 10/27/2015 04:24 PM Cherian Mathew

#5297 Refactor ProgressMonitorController, Add Remoting Progress monitor

#5297 Add progress monitor service, Add test services

#5297 Add monit import method

#5297 Update no. of work units

#5297 Add new thread class for remoting monitors

#5297 Add owner field to monitor thread and user checks in service...

8f443c62 08/06/2015 03:57 PM Cherian Mathew

#5130 Extend cdmlib import architecture to allow for remoting and Add import methods to IOService

37380884 08/04/2015 06:29 PM Cherian Mathew

#5129 Extend export classes to allow for remote exports

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