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fff0e840 02/23/2016 03:13 PM Andreas Müller

like before

b705e3fa 02/23/2016 03:08 PM Andreas Müller

Move TableGenerator(GlobalOverride) from test to persistence #4716

b62dca8d 02/23/2016 02:58 PM Andreas Müller

Add new test for author name parsing

07362787 02/23/2016 02:58 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

minimum documentation on TableGeneratorGlobalOverride

b945eb5f 02/23/2016 02:31 PM Andreas Müller


9f42bc2c 02/23/2016 11:35 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing test dependencies from java doc

f544421c 02/23/2016 11:35 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing spring profiles setup

2e6412f2 02/23/2016 11:34 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding jackson dependencies again to default scope

29bb6188 02/23/2016 10:09 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding missing dependencies to launchers and adding permGenSpace setting again (java 7 compatibility)

42e34be9 02/23/2016 09:02 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing tableGeneratorOverride from non testing application contexts

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