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f1d41e41 05/20/2011 05:12 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for failing test on bidirectionality specimen - typeDesignation

bb2f0f32 05/20/2011 04:46 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for bidirectionality specimen <-> typeDesignation

57606ee3 09/21/2009 02:21 AM Andreas Müller

Intensive model change for referenceBase and subclass, smaller model changes for taxonBase and marker

57ea5ac1 08/12/2009 03:20 PM Andreas Müller

more Matching and bugfix in IdentifiableEntity.clone()

21f31bf8 05/20/2009 12:12 PM Andreas Müller

references and microreferences for name relations
specimenTest fix

903a851d 03/05/2009 12:36 PM Ben Clark

Refactored User / Group / Granted Authority + Auditing properties (#630)

ee91bcd9 02/25/2009 01:45 PM Ben Clark

Committing large number of changes relating to versioning implementation (#108)

f6765014 01/20/2009 05:59 PM Ben Clark

Major changes to the cdmlib default term loading and initialization, plus indexing of some model entities as part of #476

5e0ea066 11/06/2008 05:27 PM Andreas Kohlbecker


e9a13840 11/04/2008 04:40 PM Andreas Müller


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