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eb43f782 09/02/2016 11:47 AM Andreas Müller

fix #6030 Parse Genus hybrid formulas correctly

255a28af 08/31/2016 02:52 PM Katja Luther

fix #6045: fixing the NaturalOrderComparator and complete the test

efc96b49 08/30/2016 04:08 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6045 Fix NPE for TaxonNaturalComparator

  • fix getAncestors() method of taxon node
  • added JUnit test
75d700ea 08/26/2016 12:36 PM Katja Luther

fix #5869 adapt implementation for reusing names or taxa with remoting

0d2200cc 08/23/2016 10:17 AM Katja Luther

revert the changes in representation of rank infraspecific unranked

253ccd8a 08/12/2016 09:49 AM Katja Luther

specimen import changes

90c63a60 08/10/2016 10:14 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #5448 Change abbreviation for unranked infraspecific rank

68c7d536 07/28/2016 12:40 PM Andreas Müller

#6000 fix missing default color

145fc7c6 07/27/2016 05:46 PM Andreas Müller

#6000 Add static methods and uuids for new PAT terms

5044803f 07/27/2016 05:13 PM Andreas Müller

#6000 Add some new PresenceAbsenceTerms from Cyprus and Cuba

  • Invasive changed to naturalized invasive (Cyprus, according to Pysek)
  • naturalized invasive: presence questionable (Cyprus)
  • naturalized non-invasive (Cyprus)
  • naturalized non-invasive: presence questionable (Cyprus)...

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