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e3cea6b7 07/22/2022 02:50 PM Andreas Müller

fix log4j.xml

b4229a50 07/22/2022 02:05 PM Andreas Müller

cleanup and javadoc

c8384ed5 07/22/2022 02:04 PM Andreas Müller

ref #10072 new methods for logging with deviating levels and reduce using of setLevel in production code

dcb656c3 07/21/2022 03:57 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9359, ref 10095 try to remove xpp3 from cdmlib

b0a7a43f 07/21/2022 03:56 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9359 re-add javax.el-api as it is still needed hibernate-validation

542ec6f1 07/21/2022 02:48 PM Andreas Müller


c36bdb95 07/21/2022 02:48 PM Andreas Müller

ref #10072, ref #9359, ref 10095 remove slf4j-nop from cdmlib

5d8ad42c 07/21/2022 02:43 PM Andreas Müller

ref #10072 adapt integration test parameter name for log4j as it seems to be incorrect and switch from properties to log4j.xml there

116b3cae 07/21/2022 02:41 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9359 javax.el-api from dependency management as it is not used anymore

1400461e 07/21/2022 02:40 PM Andreas Müller

ref #10072, ref #9359 fully remove LoggingConfigurer as it is not adaptable to log4j2 and not used anymore (cont.)

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