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e12efde6 07/07/2016 04:22 PM Andreas Müller

NameParser: allow letter for issue

548e618e 07/07/2016 02:57 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add javadoc

73784421 07/07/2016 02:46 PM Patrick Plitzner

Merge branch 'develop' into csvExport

3b2b4319 07/07/2016 01:36 PM Patrick Plitzner

#5890 pass classification uuid instead of root node uuid

c4e0c8dd 07/06/2016 06:36 PM Patrick Plitzner


ef7506b3 07/06/2016 05:22 PM Patrick Plitzner

#5890 Evaluate taxon node based on selected cassification or taxon

4a765dc3 07/06/2016 04:10 PM jenkins

Updating develop poms back to pre merge state

f1375c32 07/06/2016 04:10 PM jenkins

Merge branch 'master' into develop

31f1c217 07/06/2016 04:10 PM jenkins

updating develop poms to master versions to avoid merge conflicts

a626f321 07/06/2016 04:10 PM jenkins

Merge branch 'release/4.2.0'

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