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dac80b4a 07/20/2011 01:04 PM Katja Luther
f4756ae8 07/19/2011 01:09 PM Katja Luther
ca141573 07/14/2011 09:37 AM Katja Luther
377be07f 07/13/2011 12:22 PM Katja Luther
ee6cfa5a 07/05/2011 11:36 AM Katja Luther
5745483c 07/05/2011 11:11 AM Katja Luther

secure save, saveOrUpdate and delete methods

d00d2a84 06/30/2011 12:45 PM Katja Luther

bugfix in getAuthorities()
new Service for evaluate a permission
add permission evaluation for changing password

928b6514 06/24/2011 04:41 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing bug due to last commit (Changed CdmPermission to use "update" instead of "edit")

928ee151 06/23/2011 04:19 PM Niels Hoffmann

Changed CdmPermission to use "update" instead of "edit" for consistency reasons; Added a comment about getting authorities from a user's groups;

b4f92706 06/23/2011 11:31 AM Katja Luther


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