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d0a93150 09/05/2011 06:14 PM Andreas Müller


f97ff6bc 09/05/2011 04:50 PM Andreas Müller

change getSynonymsInGroup to synonymRelationship dependency (not sec dependency anymore).
See #2580

11723746 09/05/2011 04:11 PM Andreas Müller

Changing javadoc

42c5c7bd 09/01/2011 01:50 PM Andreas Müller

fixing bugs in test for botanicalNameCacheStrategy and zoologicalNameCacheStrategy

6fb4b2fc 09/01/2011 12:54 PM Andreas Müller

cleaning up cache strategies and taggedTextGenerator

731fe9ff 09/01/2011 12:47 PM Andreas Müller

Cleaning up name cache strategies and updating javadoc

eac2050d 08/30/2011 07:39 PM Andreas Müller

rename getNameTags -> getTaggedName

67a8edee 08/30/2011 07:35 PM Andreas Müller

renamed getTaggedName -> getTaggedNameDeprecated

654bc3a3 08/30/2011 06:55 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for hybrid sign in hybrid formulas

0362e184 08/30/2011 06:43 PM Andreas Müller

no override for getNameCache

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