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c897d0ac 09/05/2011 05:17 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for test in TaxonServiceImplBusinessTest (related to #2580)

f97ff6bc 09/05/2011 04:50 PM Andreas Müller

change getSynonymsInGroup to synonymRelationship dependency (not sec dependency anymore).
See #2580

dae88538 09/05/2011 12:12 PM Andreas Müller

update taxon service (add some synonym delete functionality - still preliminary)

eab5d963 08/30/2011 02:32 PM Andreas Müller

Add dummy class to avoid failing tests

0586be94 08/30/2011 01:54 PM Andreas Müller

move back PolytomousKeyGenerator and move test class from service to model

e06afdf8 08/30/2011 01:02 PM Andreas Müller

add PolytomousKeyServiceImplTest

fbe4a666 08/30/2011 12:59 PM Andreas Müller

remove PolytomousKeyNode_LanguageString from cdm.ddl for tests

08ed6da1 08/30/2011 12:56 PM Andreas Müller

rename PolytomousKeyNodeService

85ae680a 08/23/2011 04:52 PM Andreas Müller

synchronize dlls and dtds for tests

a188d161 08/23/2011 03:36 PM Andreas Müller

set failing test to ignore

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