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c6e8a6e5 11/27/2008 01:59 AM Andreas Müller


961ee94b 11/27/2008 12:34 AM Andreas Müller

warning clean cdmlib-model agent and jaxb

dc776ce0 11/26/2008 03:34 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Fixed Hibernate mappings, JAXB annotations, and typos after model review.

13964dc6 11/25/2008 10:23 PM Andreas Müller

TimePeriod bugfix

6680df00 11/25/2008 04:31 PM Andreas Müller

parser update

efbd1acc 11/21/2008 06:14 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Some bug fixes

a97595f0 11/20/2008 05:52 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Search for specific references implemented (getReferencesByTitle)

a383f5fd 11/19/2008 06:36 PM Andreas Müller

OriginalSource NewInstance with Citation and microRef

5125b360 11/19/2008 06:32 PM Andreas Müller

TimePeriod null-Pointer bug

01b7ddbf 11/17/2008 05:32 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Finished Jaxb annotations for common and description packages.

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