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aefcbf9a 03/04/2015 01:14 PM Cherian Mathew

added class to override Hibernate EntityType class to fix problem with merge replace

cb36f789 02/26/2015 09:41 AM Cherian Mathew

merge commit

51a3a962 02/26/2015 09:40 AM Cherian Mathew

CdmCacherTest : ignoring for now since we have reverted to using termmaps on server side
ITaxonService, TaxonServiceImpl, ITaxonNodeService, TaxonNodeServiceImpl, INameService, NameServiceImpl,IDescriptionService, DescriptionServiceImpl : added uuid methods and return type as UpdateResult with updatedObjects set...

2aa73e7b 02/26/2015 09:26 AM Cherian Mathew

updated getTermByUuid methods in the term classes to use the cacher

b53a83bc 02/23/2015 10:11 AM Cherian Mathew

merge from trunk

dc58d8a8 02/23/2015 10:08 AM Cherian Mathew

MockCdmCacher : not required
TaxonServiceSearchTest : removed reference to mock cacher

933e5ac3 02/23/2015 10:07 AM Cherian Mathew

ICdmCacher, ICdmUuidCacher, CdmCacher, CdmTermCacher : refactored and added load method
Language, NameRelationshipType, Rank : now uses cacher only if termap is null or empty and only when class matches the specific term type
MockCdmCacher: not required anymore...

e544dc43 02/17/2015 12:43 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • fixed paging for compressed specimen table
688201de 02/17/2015 11:20 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added pager to associated field units service method
737c8980 02/12/2015 12:41 PM Andreas Müller


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