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b17af11f 07/21/2013 01:05 AM Andreas Müller

use strings for sourcetypes (#2615 und #3544)

717aa7c0 06/26/2013 06:26 PM Andreas Müller

implement abbreviated title for references #1551

2228e0a7 06/26/2013 03:59 PM Andreas Müller

Updating test data for publish flag (I)

640937e9 06/07/2013 01:15 AM Andreas Müller

fix bugs and adapt tests for original source type

728d61f8 02/06/2012 02:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

all tests running sucessful, however unitil is still patched to not use jdbc batch mode

bdd9973e 01/24/2012 03:39 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

more adapting xml datasources to unitils 3.3

1d36aa54 12/01/2010 04:17 PM Andreas Müller

merge 3.0.2 to trunk

8799d546 09/21/2010 12:26 AM Andreas Müller

added unplaced and excluded attribute to Taxon

55055695 09/02/2010 12:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

re-integrating branches/cdmlib/oai-pmh up to revision 10059

fd6c56e6 09/21/2009 03:20 PM Andreas Müller

changes for renaming referencebase table name in persistence, service & io

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