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Revision a0f27d8b

Added by Cherian Mathew almost 10 years ago

remote.xml : added simple rdf marshaller (named rdfMarshaller) for the web service rdf responses
RdfViewTest, OaiPmhViewTest : changed SpringBeanByType annotation to SpringBeanByName since we have now two marshallers (remote.xml)
RdfView, XmlView, OaiPmhResponseView : added qualifier for autowired marshaller since we now have two marshallers (remote.xml)
RdfView : added implementation for marshalling (recognised) rdf objects
RdfViewTest : added test for marshalling NameInformationRdf
mappings.xml : addedd dozer mappings for mapping fields from NameInformation to NameInformationRdf
TDWGNamespacePrefixMapper : added new namespaces, including our own
cdmlib-remote-servlet.xml : added new rdf view to configuration
NameCatalogueController : added call to deproxy NonViralName
TaxonConcept : made HasRelationship fields public since it can be potentially used in other classes

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