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8883b968 07/22/2010 12:14 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

naming the file appender

a83a4303 07/22/2010 11:06 AM Andreas Müller

Factory method for PolytomousKey

f95f0b3c 07/21/2010 07:23 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

a more generic BaseController

628107c7 07/21/2010 06:12 PM Andreas Müller

javadoc for media classes

adb9ab88 07/21/2010 06:10 PM Andreas Müller

changed toString method for term base

6b4769a0 07/21/2010 06:03 PM Andreas Müller

added fill missing epithets to CdmImportBase

57d4fdc2 07/21/2010 04:45 PM Eun-Mok Lee

Fixed saveData() to deal with misapplied names

50cace04 07/21/2010 02:28 PM Eun-Mok Lee

genusOrUninomial == NULL does not add the nameCache as part of the returned list anymore

b7dda821 07/21/2010 01:55 PM Eun-Mok Lee

Modified getIdInSource()

91d58424 07/21/2010 01:54 PM Eun-Mok Lee

minor changes

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