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8526e03d 01/14/2019 06:35 PM Andreas Müller

fix compile errors after cleanup

ac37cbca 01/14/2019 06:26 PM Andreas Müller

fix incorrect handling of empty notes in AnnotationMapper

92e2617f 01/14/2019 06:25 PM Andreas Müller

ref #3474 try to fix CCE when moving a term in the country vocabulary

fa63b6b4 01/14/2019 06:22 PM Andreas Müller


7f87310a 01/14/2019 05:15 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #7972 restricing access to /remoting/** to role 'ROLE_ADMIN', 'ROLE_REMOTING'

fa4763c1 01/14/2019 04:51 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7972 FirstdataInserter adding ROLE_REMOTING to the editor groups

ad4999ae 01/14/2019 10:40 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #7980 Delete existing aggregation when re-aggregating

0b63dea4 01/14/2019 10:18 AM Katja Luther

ref #7854: avoid NPEs

6d6a18ad 01/11/2019 05:16 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7977 adding bibliographic in-reference citation to the RegistrationDTO

5e1fc3d8 01/11/2019 03:46 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #7978 registration search results in descending order by identifier

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