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8051fca9 02/10/2011 01:31 PM Andreas Müller

tests for image galleries in derived unit facade and bugfix for test in DescriptionServiceImplTest which didn't run in maven.

ee96d5ff 02/10/2011 10:29 AM Andreas Müller

remove imports

e83459ea 02/08/2011 11:56 PM Andreas Müller

added persistence to moveDescriptionElmentsToDescription

1071a451 02/05/2011 10:36 PM Andreas Müller

implementing paste for moveDescriptionElements

6bb9f868 02/02/2011 10:46 AM Katja Luther

the type of the reference has to be set, otherwise a NPE occurs

2b0e0979 02/02/2011 12:00 AM Andreas Müller

remove imports

a883c19f 02/01/2011 11:58 PM Andreas Müller


1188e04a 02/01/2011 11:12 PM Andreas Müller

changeHomotypicalGroupOfSynonym #2220

aee5abae 02/01/2011 04:48 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for TaxonService.changeSynonymToAcceptedTaxon() #1811

fcdd5642 02/01/2011 02:09 PM Niels Hoffmann

Requesting a method to move descriptione elements between descriptions

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