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64377e70 10/21/2013 02:46 PM Andreas Müller

some changes for sortindex handling

4cc79481 10/16/2013 04:42 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #3792 (permission problem when turning a taxon into a synonmy of another taxon)

679d8c93 10/15/2013 01:34 PM Katja Luther

fixed problem with deletion of nodes.

aa81b550 10/14/2013 04:32 PM Andreas Müller

add sortindex again to classification rootnodes which has been accidentely deleted.

955f9843 10/14/2013 01:18 PM Andreas Müller

remove duplicates from TaxonNode children

2b8fa68b 10/12/2013 12:26 AM Andreas Müller


85338079 10/09/2013 03:33 PM Katja Luther

merging delete functionality into trunk

d716c44b 09/25/2013 01:28 PM Andreas Müller

merge trunk into cdmlib v3.3 branch

810b7215 09/17/2013 02:56 PM Andreas Müller

merge trunk into v3.3 branch

a3326dd6 09/16/2013 11:57 AM Andreas Müller

exchange comments on treeNodes for issues related to OrderColumn (#3722)

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