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5789f7e7 11/02/2011 10:46 AM Katja Luther
4abecbb7 10/10/2011 06:11 PM Andreas Müller

handle progress cancellation and step names

e8c7999b 10/10/2011 06:01 PM Andreas Müller

remove CancelException and use java.util.concurrent.CancellationException instead

79c0eaa0 10/10/2011 05:47 PM Andreas Müller

move progress monitoring into subpackage and add CancelException

a91e65bc 10/04/2011 06:38 PM Andreas Müller

add appImport applicationContext (add common monitors)

7d888907 10/04/2011 06:06 PM Andreas Müller

improved monitoring for application controller

51554665 09/29/2011 11:25 AM Katja Luther
6209d31c 09/29/2011 11:25 AM Katja Luther

application controller loading IoApplicationContext instead of DefaultApplicationContext

6e8d013a 08/23/2011 06:49 AM Andreas Müller

use uuid for missing term check

841978e5 08/22/2011 06:32 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

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